The Goddess Journal


Joye is desperate to find love. From her steamy fling with a super-hot 27-year-old to rekindling a love that had been over for 15 years, Joye was moving through the dating pool in high velocity overload.

Repeated Heartbreak

Getting a man was never Joye's problem. Keeping a man is what seemed impossible. Now on the verge of turning 40, Joye was ready to lock down her forever.

Life-Altering Self Discovery

Joye's friends, therapist, and a surprise reintroduction from her past will help her stop blaming her men for failed relationships in this humorous and sarcastic novel.

This book is a real page turner .. Looking for an excellent book to share with your book club .. then look no further this is that book😊
Amazing! So captivating I didn’t want to put it down. Loved being a part of Joye and her journey of love. And the ending! Leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait for the next one...
This was a great book! It was funny and had so many interesting characters and plots. The main character is so cool. I love how the author allowed her to have good and bad qualities. This could easily become a book series and even a movie. I can't wait for the next one. I really want to see what becomes of the different characters.
Books that are very descriptive are it for me. Really enjoyed the descriptive language, made me feel like I was watching a movie and watching as eveything unfolded right in front of my eyes. Characters are well-written and the plot is interesting. Really loved the contemporary touches throughout.